• The organization have organized various workshops; trainings, meetings to provide information and build perspectives, knowledge skill of various stake holders.
  • 350 families within 8 villages are actively engaging in giving visibility to Mahar Watan Land and building pressure through advocacy interventions at block level & district level. Along with this Dalits & Ramoshi families have encroach on Watan Land to bring vibrancy among people to fight for land struggle. Now the struggle is well known in Sangola block and also in Solapur district.
  • Mahar Watan Land survey has conducted and to build sustainability in campaign report will be shared with government officers, political representatives MLA, activists and media.
  • Facilitation Support Centre have collected all information related to different G.R, Acts, policies, collection and disseminated among group of union for the advocacy purpose. It has continue facilitating the land right, women rights basis information to women leaders and development defenders. Further enable them to submitted application forms to authority.
  • Organisation continued experimenting organic horticulture pomegranates plants in Mahar Watan Land at Dongargaon. Jeevamrut and other technique use to control affected bacterial and fungal diseases and obtain healthy plants. The demonstrative Pomegranates plants have exhibited the bio-fertilizer treatment for the control pests and diseases. Hence, its helps directly or indirectly to propagate on organic horticulture. People believed this is to sustain social and food security in the backdrop of continuous affecting drought.
  • The awareness programs and meetings have conducted with Krushi Panchayat members on organic farming. We have trained on how to prepare Bio-Fertilizer, Seed treatment to control pests and diseases, methodology preparation of Jivamrut. In total 95 dalits and 460 others are practicing organic farming as technique in the drought prone region.
  • In 10 village 10 women cadre group have sensitized about common issues (health, violence, atrocities, and ownership in property) and developed with proper knowledge, skill & perspectives therefore they got engaged in village & block level. Women cadres and youths development defenders build their rapport with various officers like Tahasildar officer, BDO, Talathi, Gramsevak, Sarpanch and make use to resolve the village level cases.
  • 200 women have succeeded to claim ‘Ghar Doghanche’ effectively with the strong support of women leaders & core group.
  • In total 250 women have submitted their claim forms to Enforcement Authority to ensure their entitlement on land.
  • Women from Dongargaon, Manegaon, Buddhehal, Kole, Hatid are engaging in governance through attending Mahila Gram Sabha, Gram Sabha and interacting with government officer
  • 20 single women have got a pension from government scheme because of the intervention of women leaders.
  • 30 development defenders have developed with proper knowledge, skill & perspectives and especially Paralegal trainings to get legal knowledge on land record.
  • Development Defenders of Dongargaon have succeeded in their advocacy with government and got sanction rupees five lacs for constructing Dalit’s cemetery.
  • In 9 village near about 300 hector lands brought under irrigation facility and 150 families surviving on the land cultivated products in drought prone area, Sangola Block.
  • People’s Movement under the banner of ASVSS succeeded in getting Railway Station developed at Dongargaon.
  • More than 11000 Changemakers were developed under WE CAN Campaign (End Violence Against Women) and more than 2000 youth’s members were mobilised for Maharshtra Yuva Parishad in Western Maharashtra process.

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