In Western Maharashtra 13 blocks from Sangli, Satara and Solapur are consider as a permanently Mandesh a belt of drought density. In Sangola because of irregular of rain people are not depending on the agriculture. Therefore people from Dalit communities seasonally migrate for the purpose of livelihood for 6 to 7 months. Migrated people are getting jobs like driving, sugar cane cutting, driving, construct building etc.  Due to continuous drought condition people are permanently migrating from rural area to urban area. The percentage of Migration is around 25 to 35 percentage. In this situation parents leaves their children with old family members. Hence the issues are of the children security, education and also violence. It is responsibility of senior family member so here it is significant to undertake pilot study on socio-economic situation of the children in migrated family and come out the strategic action plan to address their needs.

Migrated children are not safe in home as well as in the schools. Hence the role of parents and SMC has to improve their awareness about child sexual abuse and engage them to provide quality education to children. ASVSS organization has concern to child rights and committed to ensure safe and protective environment. Pilot study analysis will provide the strategic action plan to address their needs.

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