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Dalit Budget

The Government of India initiated the concept of Scheduled Caste Sub Plan {then Special Component Plan (SCP)} to bridge the gap between Scheduled Castes and other in Sixth Five Year Plan. As per central directives, Maharashtra Government started SCP in the year 1980.

To implement SCP 10% of plan budget allocation is provided to Social Justice Department, however said allocation is never provided. The State Government of Maharashtra had initiated a mechanism for effective operationalisation of SCP and TSP strategy which is known as ‘Maharashtra Model’ which suggested earmarking funds for SCP and TSP from the total State Annual and Five Year Plan outlays at least in proportion to their respective population in the State. As per this model, budget is distributed to state and district level schemes as per demand raised by district planning committee. Under chairmanship of social justice Minister the proposed demand by respective districts planning committee is finalized.

In 1980 Dr. Manmohan Singh, was then Secretary to Planning Commission of India promised to bridge gap between scheduled castes and others within period of 5 years. After UPA form government in the year 2005, on 27 June, 2005 Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh while addressing a meeting at National Development Council were Chief Ministers from all states were present, he declared decision that, ‘in Ten years social and economic gap between Scheduled Castes and others will be removed’. Apart from that Planning Commission and Task Group gave guidelines for effective implementation of SCSP. Like any other state, implementation of the guidelines in Maharashtra has remained inadequate.

As per the Detailed Demand for Grants published by Social Justice Department, from 1980 to 2003, Maharashtra Government did not spend amount more than 4% in SCSP. Budgetary allocation should be in proportion to population of Scheduled Caste is an important guideline, but Maharashtra never followed it not recommendation of Paage committee, even though it was accepted by Government. The booklets published by Social Justice accept that the population of Scheduled Castes and Buddhists is 16 %, but no budgetary allocation is made.

In the current financial year size of Annual Plan of State is Rs. 46,938 Crore, allocation to Scheduled Caste Sub Plan is 10.2% which comes to around Rs. 4787.68 Crore, out of which Rs. 1600 Cr is for District Schemes and Rs. 3187.68 Cr is for State Schemes. Considering the population of Scheduled Castes and Buddhist together it goes more than 16%, so even in the year 2013-14, Rs. 2816.27 Cr is denied. More than 26000 Cr is being denied by Maharashtra Government in last 20 years taking this year denial.

ASVSS is affiliated with Manuski, Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan and Samta Sainik Dal to address the Dalit Budget issue. We demand special Legislation on Dalit Budget and Proportionate allocation on SC/ST including Buddhist.


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