Dalit Vikas Parishad (DVP) is a non register forum committed to the work on Developmental rights based issues of marginalized communities of the society especially known as Dalit in Maharashtra. It is a non-political and secular platform led by Dalit headed non-governmental organizations working on various issues of dalits emancipation. Along with NGOs human rights activists, with support of Dalit Bahujan movements and organizations, academicians, intellectuals and other people’s organizations and institutions throughout the state who work for empowerment and various developmental issues of Dalit.
DVP formulated after in-depth deliberations in open & in-formal meetings with activist, senior leaders working on dalit issues. In the formulation process representatives of 40 dalit organization from 16 districts participated in all the deliberations and processes. The final announcement of formal Dalit Vikas Parishad was made on 25th March 2007 at Nagapur.

Self-respected- self reliant, empowered, and responsible dalit communities.

1.  To address the dalit issues and concerns and highlight them at wider level and develop capacities of dalit community and activist for possible solutions as well as internal –external processes.
2. To contribute and help community to strengthen unity, collective actions, knowledge building and developing state level platforms.
3. To strengthen capacities of dalit NGOs and platforms to articulate and present at all the level for policy and advocacy work.
4.  To undertake policy work & Liaoning with government in favour to dalit community and concerns.
5.  To conduct research, policy analysis, information collection and dissemination, knowledge building for dalit concerns and causes.
6. To mobilise resources base for dalit concerns.
Ultimate Aims:
7. Socio-economic Development of Dalit Communities.

Actions & Interventions
1.  Experimentation & capacitating processes for Productivity development of dalit land.
2. Capacity building of dalit women on gender & rights based issues for equal status in the society.
3. Issues related to dalit employment and sanitary workers issues
4. Educational rights & processes and schemes
5. Plat form building of various actors who is working on the dalit concerns

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