ASVSS Students Trained under Teach India at an Event

Launched in 2008, Teach India soon grew into a national movement, reaching out to lakhs of volunteers and hundreds of NGOs. and Teach India centers sprouted everywhere on the map. But the impact was hard to measure and track. The Times Group took a pause to re-think and re-prioritize. The guideline was clear – Bring a change that will empower the beneficiary in true sense. Life altering changes in our students is what drove us to fully emphasize on employability of our students. Spoken English is a skill laid out by the Indian government. The confidence to converse in English is fast becoming integral to have while job hunting. Skilling the youth of India in spoken English so as to enhance their employability thus became the blue print for the new chapter of Teach India.


The youth population has the potential to greatly contribute to the growth of a nation’s economy. India has a population of 521 million youth between the age of 12 and 35, the largest in the world and is banking upon this group to break into the league of the most advanced nations in the world. But the contribution by the youth to India’s

ASVSS Students Trained under Teach India receiving Certificates at an Certificate Distribution Programme

progress might be limited since a large number of those are still unskilled. Now that English has become the preferred language of conversation for jobs in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, BPO and other sectors, the ability to converse in English not only builds confidence in an individual but also improves one’s chances of finding employment. Thus Teach India focuses on teaching spoken English to youth in the age group of 18-35 and through the program increases their employability.


The Times Group launched Teach India as an initiative to teach spoken English to the youth belonging to the underprivileged sections of the urban society. British council has been brought on board for designing the curriculum and for training the volunteers and teachers who will be imparting the curriculum to the learners. The curriculum for the course has been designed keeping in mind the present language levels of the target segment and the spoken English requirements of potential employers. The Times Group pro-actively attempts to build a bridge between the learners and the potential employers and connect the two. On completion of the course, the learners get a certificate which is jointly certified by both The Times Group and British Council.

The ability to converse in English opens the doors to employment in various sectors. The learners undergo the training on spoken English and the target of the training is to make them job-ready in terms of spoken English requirements. The team will also ensure access to suitable employment opportunities.

A typical target learner:

Is between 18 to 35 year of age.Has had basic introduction to English but never used it in daily life.Seeks to improve employability through the course.
ASVSS is proud to be an NGO supporting the cause that is transforming the Lives of Lakhs of Youths. We are more focused in Goregaon, Mumbai and its outskirt.
ASVSS Students Trined under Teach India along with various Volunteers of Teach India