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ASVSS is an non profit organization working to sustain the food security and developing safer livelihood means for Dalits and other backward communities in Western Maharashtra. The organisations primary targets are women, youth and children.

Drought Ruined Life Of 30 Lakh Families

In Western Maharashtra, the situation is Worse and need urgent attention and Support

Appeal to Support Drought Mitigation Activities in Solapur district

Western Maharashtra facing severe rainfall deficit, last couple of years are witnessed for drought situation across12, 000 villages in central and western Maharashtra. Above 3,000,000 families are struggling with the worst drought in 40 years.

Maharashtra government has identified 29 of the District total 355 talukas as areas facing drought-like conditions. This is over 19 per cent of the state, though the number of talukas declared drought prone. The state received only 59.4 per cent of the total annual rainfall this year. Seven districts got 25-50 per cent rainfall while 16 districts received 50-75 per cent rains.The poor rainfall led to loss of Kharif and Rabi crops which resulted in a drop in agricultural output. There has been crop loss on 53.1 lakh hectares from 21 districts.

asvss appeal 1The drought situation has will be the big cause for water shortage in western Maharashtra, although the water shortages are not a new problematic for the drought belt of Western Maharashtra especially Solapur, Sangali, Satara (Maan region) and part of Pune district in general and in the rural areas in particular. Over the recent years, a number of experts have clearly highlighted the scarcity of water in this semi-deserted region. A scarcity mainly due to poor quality water and difficult access to available resources essentially abstracted from groundwater (more than 95%). There is less perennial streams or alternate irrigation sources in the region.

The state had earlier declared drought in 15,747 villages across Maharashtra. As drought conditions worsen in Maharashtra, issues such as sustaining cattle and supplying drinking water have become critical in both rural and urban areas, especially in Western Maharashtra. Having already lost the kharif crop, therabi crops were depended on September rainfall but that hope has disappear and continued thedrought. So far, 43 lakh hectares under Kharif and 20 lakh hectares under Rabi crops have been affected, hitting 36 lakh farmers and their families across the state.

asvss appeal 2As per the declaration of agriculture ministry, about 56 per cent of the net cultivated area of the country is rain-fed, accounting for 44 per cent of food production. Monsoon rainfall is crucial for agriculture production and food security, plus it has spin off effects on other sectors of the economy. With the drought conditions leaving agriculture in shambles, the dependence on cattle will increase for farmers. But higher fodder cost and lack of water could hurt them there too.

Water remains a critical need. The challenge of sourcing, supplying, recharging and conserving scarce water resources will have tobe overcome this year if long term resilience has to be built against future droughts.

In Solapur district Dr.AmbedkarShetiVikasVaSanshodhanSanstha is working on drought mitigation activities and trying to help communities to come out from this distress.

Measures taken by Dr.AmbedkarShetiVikasVaSanshaodhanSanstha in Solapurdistricts

  • Rejuvenated 20 drinking water wells in Sangola Block of Solapur district which will fulfil drinking water need of 2242 families.
  • Repairing of 2 small dams (Bandharas), the deepening and widening work was undertaken which will cover 250 hectors of land for irrigation facilities in next monsoon season. It will also help to rejuvenate 40 wells in surrounding areas.
  • Land development through water storing techniques and treatments 90 acres land is under treatment and will be capacitate storing water and become rich for good yield in next cropping season.
  • Strengthening of communities to initiate drought proofing activities at their level by promoting capacity building trainings, low water consumption cultivation techniques, and restoration of village water resources and negotiate with government for employment entitlement and other facilities.
  • Exposure to the community leaders to see the demonstrations of drought mitigation activities.
  • Demonstration of low cost horticulture cultivation on 90 acres of land.

Appeal to support in drought proofing activities….

As an organization we have started some interventions from our own contributions to bring out the affected communities from the tragic situation and we appeal to you to shake hand with us in it. We know all of us is very sensitive and contributing for such circumstances. We need support for following activities in Sangola block of Solapur district.

Sr. Activity Units proposed
1. Deepening of wells 40
2. Rejuvenation of small dams 20
3. Drinking water facilities  People and  Animal 3
4. Land treatment (CCT/ plugging and repairing of bunds) in acres 120
5. Development of nursery (apple Bori, Custard apple, Mango, tamarind, karanj, neem, Sisam tree etc. 1
6 Hydroponics Fodder for Animal 3 Village


We are requesting your contribution in these activities fully or partly as your convenience.

Please visit to our operational area and motivate us to do further effective work by giving suggestions and contacts who can support for this program.


Please contact on following contact details for further details or Click Donate


Mumbai contact details

211, Indira Nagar, Link Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai -400104

Telephone Number: 02228780854, Email:


Sangola (Solapur) contact details

Amrutvel, Vasud Road, Sangola District – Solapur.

Contact No. Dnyaneshwar Thokale: 09167214774


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