The caste discrimination inherited by birth results in Dalit women facing multiple oppression those violates their economic, political, social and cultural rights. The most deprived section of the society comprises of dalit women who are the poorest, illiterate and easy targets for sexual harassment. There is also large scale migration from project areas to the nearby urban centers in search of better livelihood options. Hence, women are left behind to bear the responsibility of the family. Such situations push the women into further situations of impoverishment, making them more and more vulnerable to all forms of discriminations and violations. They also don’t get ownership and control over common resources like land, water. In Sangola, no. of single women has been significantly increasing since last few years and thus the organization has taken this issue on priority. Local administration has failed to provide minimum social security in form of pension, houses to these single women. This has arrive with a serious fact, that still many single women who don’t have any family support have to work at the age of 65 or 67 years. Domestic violence in Dalit and other communities has also unbridled in nature, for which local women leaders in collaborations have trying to extend legal and counseling support for these women.

ASVSS believes that addressing Dalit women’s issues are critical to protect their rights of independent existence & identity. It also believes, Dalit women should get equal participation in all decision and policy making bodies and should get control over all common resources. Hence has decided to focus more on the land and housing rights of women in general and those of Dalit women in particular.

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