Support us to help Marginalised and Vulnerable: Especially the elderly, disabled, single women, agricultural labourers, migrant families, old age, daily wages, power loom workers, migrants, bricks klin workers in the current crisis. 

We, ASVSS is a registered not-for-profit organization, reach out operational area is in the drought prone Sangola Dist. Solapur, Flood affected area in Miraj Block of Dist. Sangli & Ichalkaranji Block Hatkanangale, & Shirol Block Dist Kolhapur.  (ASVSS) has been working with various stakeholders in Maharashtra for the last 35 years.

ASVSS expertise includes exploring the complexity of small-scale and large scale natural disasters and context- specific disaster risk management underpinned by the theories of vulnerability, human security, disaster risk reduction, organization and sustainable development of vulnerable in Maharashtra.    

  • The number of the death and COVID positive cases are increasing every day, the adverse affect of virus is death of bread earner of the family. Women Centric house is starving due to no source of income
  • Non operational of working space, agricultural labourers and power looms workers are affected too.
  • Single women, disable, old age, migrant families, the economically backward are striking hard to survive in this virus affected opportunity less world.
  • Last Year- This engages with the interlinked issues of resilience, health, hygiene, gender, livelihoods. Our particular strength lie in relief work & facilitating varies trainings on disaster management training with provided them equipments tools, psychosocial care training with community.  Provided two month’s hot cooked food were supplied to more than 302 single women in 10 villages drought prone area through community kitchen, and tried to maintain food security within the community. (Find more details about Community kitchen story and link)
  • Dry ration supplies around 1000 women labour farmers & single women.
  • We were also able to support around 1036 women for agriculture inputs for the Kharif season. These women have set up garden, where they grow chemical free vegetables for food and nutrition security of their family.
  • COVID-19 response Family kits total 929 distributed to the Tribal, Daily wages, Domestic workers women, Labour, Construction worker, Auto drivers and Maid, Bricks Klin workers, Labour farmers, Landless, Daily wages workers

Presently ASVSS in collaboration with Humanitarian Aid International has supplied oxygen concentrator for the needy, but the need is more.  

  • In COVID surge, considering the increase number  of covid positive cases in Western Maharashtra Districts oxygen concentrator is need of the hour, to be provided in some of the primary health centers/COVID centers in Sangola block Dist. Solapur and trying to reach in the Miraj block of District Sangli and Shirol block of Kolhapur District. So that it can be used for some more patients. This oxygen concentrator is to be provided during the COVID period.
Name of Activity Particular Unit Cost/ Amount of 1 Kit No. of Unit/ No. of kits Total Amount
      Front Line workers Oxymeter 1400 100 140000
Infrared thermometer 1600 100 160000
N95 Surgical mask 19 1000 19000
Handgloves 7 1000 7000
Sanitizer 180 100 18000
Apron for Asha sevika 300 100 30000
Dry ration Rice Wheat flour, Toor Dal, Moong Dal, Cooking Oil, Salt, Sugar, Bathing Soap, Washing Soap, Sanitary pads, phenyl, Tea, Liquid soap 3000 1000 3000000
Community kitchen Daily will provide 2 centre x 50 Rs. X 60 days =6000 Beneficiaries – 12000 Rs. 50 12000 600000
  • There for, we are making this appeal to support these vulnerable labour women in this crisis. Donations collected through this appeal would be used for providing food supplies that are not covered under the ration system to poor, single women.

If you wish to donate please contact us on

For further information please contact Ms. Prajakta Dhole Mobile: 9370228796  


Thanks to the person who helped us.
                Yours Faithfully.
    Mr. Dnyaneshwar Thokale
President ASVSS