Case story: I am glad that our awarded land will initiate the women’s collective goat project.

Case story: I am glad that our awarded land will initiate the women’s collective goat project.

Name: Asmita Pandurang Babar, Age: 32

Address: Dongargaon Taluka Sangola, Dist Solapur

Education: No

Occupation: Labour farmer

Name: Mr. Pandurang Babar (Husband)

Girls: 3 Education: B.A.

Occupation: Asha worker

She is working as an Asha worker and also she is an active social worker and she is a labor farmer. She is a landholder of awarded land.

What happened?

I am staying with my husband at Dongargaon my husband and since from the earlier, we are attached as a volunteer to the ASVSS. I am living with my husband in Dongargaon. Our Awarded land have in this village lot of social activities we are involved in the various programs like a celebration of Women’s day, capacity building workshop, involved in the watershed development programs. I enjoyed it a lot. I am grateful towards Action Aid due to their support in concern of build knowledge we will create our sustainable livelihood with the leadership of SC and other single and women labor farmers involved from Sangola, Mumbai who are migrated. 

Due to my family engagement, we understand that land claims, reclaim and sustain as far as land is a concerned. We got the opportunity to develop personality and now I am also has a member of ASVSS and a lot of skill, knowledge, and perspective developed.

      For the last 6 years, we are thinking as a livelihood how to develop in the drought-prone area. For this concern, we gave exposure visits in Ralegan Siddhi village and the last two years visited in Yuva Mitra Nasik, Lokpanchayat in Nasik. 


  • To develop women’s Collective Goatary as a sustainable livelihood in the drought-prone area.
  • To strengthening knowledge and skills and collective perspective of women labor farmers. 

Current situation

120 Women labor farmers. Enterprise would be starting with 50 goats targets.

Who are involved?

Women labor farmers who have the smallest landholding or minimum entitlements like Awarded land.

Current Situation of Women’s collective Goatry project.

  • Asmita leading a role in all the processes like purchase goat, maintain passbook. 
  • 120 Women labor farmers. Enterprise will start with 50 goats target
  • 90 acres of land 
  • Shed developed on two and a half acres of awarded land.
  • Constructed water tanks – 3 
  • Watershed development work
  • Functioning 3 wells.
  • Know about Fodder development – hydroponic fodder. 
  • Women are aware as far as alternate livelihood is concerned.
  • Trained and expert members. Eg. Pashu Sakhi 
  • Board member of ASVSS & founder member of collective goat farming.

Impact/ outcome

  • Trained in Organic farming (Female- 30, Male-40) Total-70,
  • “Collective women labor farmers” on Goat rearing Total 120
  • Collected members Share’s Total- 2551, Collected share’s Rs. 3,06120/-
  • Constructed Shed and fence for the Goat rearing business at 2 acres of land.
  • They initiated the creation of Fodders on 15 acres on collective awarded land. Trained women & male farmers hydroponic fodder Total-  110    
  • ASVSS done successful endorse on first goat fodder camp   and came into exist GR on  May 31st, 2019