Land and Livelihood survey of VJNT communities

Land and Livelihood survey of VJNT communities

In the month of December and January month given to the field visit  in concern of the VJNT communities as exist the livelihood is concern as following observation done that mostly Dawari and NathpanthiDawari and Mairaiwale these community are doing the business and sustain their livelihood as they have available space is concern

As following observation in the point of Economic and Social and Political is concern.

Govt. Job- Out of 10 villages only from one village have the Govt. job in one village from Dawari Communities. Ramoshi and Dhangar is also have the job.

Landholders- Over all survey give at a glance that Ramoshi, Bhamta, Dawari, Kaikadi, Dawari and Dhangar this communities have the land.

Donkey – They have their own Donkey and they are doing work like to carry their luggage during the migration. They are used their donkey for the carry the stone one place to another place. Donkey milk they also use for the children they think that this milk is very important to the Children’s to maintain their good health.

Single women-Overall statistics in the 10 villages have single women Totals 186

Pig- Also another thing is that they have Pig they are use this pig as business. They also eating this pig. As a cluster they are fostering to them as available place.

Dawari Community – In the VJNT’s communities specially Dawari they have their own land and they have all the documents compare to the another community. 

NathpanthiDawari- They have their own business. This community have all the documents and education also they are taking. Their houses are good.

Dawari- In the Dongargaon from this community Sarpanch was became.  In the politics also their existence have but in a rear cases we can see.