Children in Rural- Strengthening Bal Vikas Manch
Voting Experiment with Children at ZP school3

Children in Rural- Strengthening Bal Vikas Manch

In 21  villages strengthened  “Bal Vikas Manch” in Sangola block District Solapur. Build and Strengthen Personality of Children through recreation sports and informal education regarding bringing Children together regarding their socio, economic, and gender differences. This to create an opportunity for creative learning within the Children. We tried to cover under the LRP covered villages.   


  • A yearly total of 57 meetings conducted in villages.
  • Regular intervention is going on with 272 Children on gender hygiene, democracy, Bal-Sansad, Environment, etc. 
  • Organized Games like Local games, Hide and seek, Election Mock Child Right Committee, Chess, open space games Girls and Boys Cricket games Organized in Hatkarmanagewadi.
  • Due to which children get space for their inner skills and knowledge like children’s to have an expert have on Singing Song or Poem.
  • Due to Bal Vikas Manch get the opportunity to identified drop out Children.
  • Maths and Language, the Logic improvement due to which Children’s learning enhanced.
  • “Gharche Kaam Sarvanche” in concern of “Gender” shared with them about three R strategies Reduce, Reduction, Redistribution of Unpaid work of Women. The campaign of “Gharche Kaam Sarvanche” interacted with Children. Innovative way tackles the issues with Children. On this issue discussed and shared some strategies with Children.
  • Regular meetings give focus on drop out and engage in school.
  • Update Child tracking register
  • Reconnect to the school total of 11 Children.