Women’s Collective  Goatry Management

Women’s Collective Goatry Management

At initial process registration documentation Adhar card, Residential proof, Pan Card,  Landless and Labour Farmers tried to collecting process is completed total  120 women’s process.


  • Develop registration and documentation for Staff and shareholders Women.
  • The workshop was organized by a Dongargaon facilitator from “YUVA MITRA” Sinnar Hari Daware.
  • Covered issues related to the Goats Goat diet & Health, Goat  Management, Farmers producer Company registration.

Goatry Business and its aim and benefits

  • Goat importance like ATM, Goat is a Poor peoples “Cow”
  • Goat is taking walking Crops.
  • Goat as alike Fridge
  • Goat is like an Insurance
  • Goat is alike Property and Asset of the Women.

Verities of Goats and its importance shared in the workshop.

Sangamneri, Usmanabadi, Jamnapari, Sirohi, Jakhrana, Konkan Kanyal, Black Bangali, Kathewadi, Bital, Sojat, Sanen, African Bore etc.

For Goatry business purpose criteria for Goat male and Female during Selection as following.

  • The goat should be strong Healthy and pure.
  • The Goat eyes should be good.
  • The goat should be Lactic, should have two pets

Goat management of Gotha’s

Three types: One-sided Gotha, two-sided Gotha, Machan like Platform Gotha.

Goats Food diet and Health

Goats are facing the problem of various diseases as per the Geographical and climate, seasons is a concern.

  • Rainy seasons Diseases – Black Quarter, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Foot Root, E- Parva, Liver Diseases, etc.
  • Winter season Diseases- Foot and Mouth, Source Mouth, Contagious Ecthyma, etc.
  • Summer Season Diseases- Sun Stroke Fever, Abortion, Epitoxis, Diarrhea, etc.

Types of Documentation

  • Goat Birth register, Selling, purchase register, Weight register, Case study documentation of Goats History, Types of Goats and stock register of Goats, Medicine register, Lasikaran, Goat Dead register, etc.
  • Will create Chatan Bricks


  • of trees near Goats project like Subbabul, Beri, Babul tree, Tamarind tree, Drum stick trees, etc.
  • Trained to “Pashu Sakhi” Goat Friend at Local Dongargaon.
  • Last year as exposure visited the Sinnar Nashik “Yuva Mitra” in this year from them we organized training to the “Women’s collective Goat project” related as a build good rapport with them.


  • NREGA: any unionization, No. of days of work generated, Any policy shifts? Any significant mobilization, land, ponds developed under NREGA,
  • Cooperatives: types of cooperatives formed, how many were registered in 2018, shareholders-women, men;
  • Informal Collectives formed for livelihood: how many collectives, members-women & men.